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Privacy Cleaner consists of software for permanently deleting browser history, downloaded files, cookies, cache, chats in your Instant Messaging programs, email messages, and all other tracks of online and offline activities in your computer.

Some Privacy Cleaner Software can also erase private data on iPhone and Android devices.

The difference between Privacy Cleaner and File Eraser/Shredder is: Privacy Cleaner Software is specialized for deleting all kinds of private data, including browser history, traces of offline activities etc., while File Eraser/Shredder Software deletes selected files thoroughly and permanently. So if you need to permanently erase selected files, please browse our

Any Freeware?
We have listed the best 3 Privacy Cleaner Freeware for you. If you want to try more freeware, you can refer to this article: Free Drive, File and Privacy Cleaner Software.
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